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Increasing Shot Speed One Workout at a Time!

Resistance Band Training

Posted by Jim O'Reilly on June 01, 2014. 1 Comment

Over the last twenty years resistance band training has become an integral component of exercise fitness programs and athletic training. Resistance bands are a simple and effective method for developing strength, flexibility, stamina, stability and increased range of motion for athletes of all ages and ability levels. When used properly, resistance bands will provide a complete full body workout similar to weight training while reducing the risk of injury that may occur when using free weights or exercise machines. In addition, resistance bands offer an easy and convenient way for children to exercise without stressing their growing bodies.1


The benefits of a resistance band training program include:

  • Cost Effective: resistance bands provide a simple and easy-to-use exercise program without the need for purchasing expensive weight lifting equipment.


  • Convenient: resistance bands are lightweight, portable and easy to set up. They can be used in any indoor...
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Our Story and the Lax Training Head

Posted by Jim O'Reilly on March 11, 2014. 1 Comment

The LaxTrainingHead ®

A concept that has its roots in the backyard of two lacrosse playing brothers from Long Island, the Lax Training Head ® is the first lacrosse training product that marries the gym to the field. While still in high school with dreams of playing college lacrosse, Nick and Jimmy O’Reilly experimented with different training methods that would allow them to keep the stick in their hands while working out in the gym. Through trial and error they eventually found that by attaching their lacrosse sticks to exercise resistance bands they could simulate a shooting motion that would help increase their strength, flexibility and the speed of their shots.

After initially working with lighter weight resistance bands, Nick and Jimmy soon realized that increasing the weighted tension of the bands put too much stress on the lacrosse head so they had to devise a method of attaching the band...

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