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Resistance Band Training

Posted by Jim O'Reilly on June 01, 2014. 1 Comment

Over the last twenty years resistance band training has become an integral component of exercise fitness programs and athletic training. Resistance bands are a simple and effective method for developing strength, flexibility, stamina, stability and increased range of motion for athletes of all ages and ability levels. When used properly, resistance bands will provide a complete full body workout similar to weight training while reducing the risk of injury that may occur when using free weights or exercise machines. In addition, resistance bands offer an easy and convenient way for children to exercise without stressing their growing bodies.1


The benefits of a resistance band training program include:

  • Cost Effective: resistance bands provide a simple and easy-to-use exercise program without the need for purchasing expensive weight lifting equipment.


  • Convenient: resistance bands are lightweight, portable and easy to set up. They can be used in any indoor or outdoor location as space provides. With resistance band training you can get a full body workout without having to go to a gym.


  • Adaptable: resistance band training can add variety to your exercise program and can be customized to maximize your workout. Individual sport specific exercises will teach proper athletic technique while targeting key muscle groups to develop increased speed, strength, stability and range of motion.


  • Results: resistance bands provide continuous tension throughout the exercise. As the range of motion of the exercise increases the resistance also increases forcing your body to use more muscle groups to stabilize the movement. By isolating these muscle groups, not only will you increase your strength and flexibility, you will also develop the stabilizing muscles that are critical in helping to prevent athletic injuries.


  • Success: including resistance band exercises as part of your training program will help to increase your athletic ability and improve your performance!



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Great article. This type of training is overlooked by most players and coaches. Athletic trainers also use resistance bands when rehabbing injuries.
Posted by Coach JT on June 04, 2014

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