Lax Training Head

Increasing Shot Speed One Workout at a Time!

Our Story

The Lax Training Head ®


A concept that has its roots in the backyard of two lacrosse playing brothers from Long Island, the Lax Training Head ® is the first lacrosse training product that marries the gym to the field. While still in high school with dreams of playing college lacrosse, Nick and Jimmy O’Reilly experimented with different training methods that would allow them to keep the stick in their hands while working out in the gym. Through trial and error they eventually found that by attaching their lacrosse sticks to exercise resistance bands they could simulate a shooting motion that would help increase their strength, flexibility and the speed of their shots.

After initially working with lighter weight resistance bands, Nick and Jimmy soon realized that increasing the weighted tension of the bands put too much stress on the lacrosse head so they had to devise a method of attaching the band directly to the shaft. With the help of their father they created a unique swivel head attachment for a lacrosse shaft that was designed so that the resistance bands would not get tangled and would move freely throughout a full range of motions and exercises. This was the birth of the Lax Training Head ® and the filing for  a patent. 

After moving on to play college lacrosse, Nick (University of Virginia) and Jimmy (Duke University) continued to use resistance band exercises as part of their training program and soon some of their teammates began to incorporate them into their workouts as well. The positive feedback they received from players and coaches was the inspiration for continued development and refinement of their training program and equipment.

The Lax Training Head ® is the result of several years of testing and developing different methods and versions of the device. The final product is a lacrosse specific training and exercise program kit that has been designed to provide a complete workout for any player that wants to improve his or her skills as well as increasing their overall strength, flexibility and conditioning.

This innovative lacrosse training kit is now used by some of the most accomplished Professional, College and High School players in the country, as well as being incorporated into the training program of top college teams.


Hometown Heroes Sports, LLC

The Lax Training Head ® is a patented product of Hometown Heroes Sports (HTH Sports), a leader in the sports and recreation industry. In addition to producing innovative training products, HTH Sports is the parent company for Indoor/Outdoor Training Facility planning, development and operations management. Our first project was the redevelopment of the former training home of the NFL’s New York Jets at Hofstra University. HTH Sports facilities have hosted a wide range of programs and activities including leagues, camps and clinics for lacrosse, soccer, football, baseball and softball as well as exercise and training programs for athletes of all ages and abilities from the youth level through the professional ranks.