Lax Training Head

Increasing Shot Speed One Workout at a Time!

Lax Training Head Complete Sets

Hometown Heroes Sports, LLC

This lacrosse specific training and exercise program kit has been designed to provide a complete workout for any player that wants to improve his or her skills as well as increasing their overall strength, flexibility and conditioning. To help you achieve your goals this high quality training kit contains the following components:

The Lax Training Head

Patent Pending swivel head design
Sturdy, field and gym tested
Regulation lacrosse shaft fitted

Regulation Lacrosse Shaft

Designed for the Lax Training Head
Top Grade 7000 series Aluminum

Can be used for practice and games

Exercise Resistance Bands

Interchangeable and resilient with protective sleeves for increased durability and safety

* Deluxe Set includes four bands- 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, and 40 lb resistance
* Ultimate Set includes two additional bands- 50 lb and 70 lb resistance

Fittings and Attachments

Door/Gate Anchor Strap
Pole/Fence Anchor Straps
Exercise Hand Grips
Exercise Ankle Straps
Carabiner Spring Clips

Official Travel Bag


Select Deluxe Set (4 bands) or Ultimate Set (6 Bands)

$ 129.99

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